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1.What makes you stand out from the others?
My height and long blonde hair. People often say, "It’s not every day that you get to see a super model!" I am thankful for my looks, but getting to know me, and my personality is even better.

2. How tall are you?
I stand 6 feet tall with no heels. I have incredibly long, tan, legs and torso. I enjoy being my height. I own it!

3. Have you always been tall for your age?

I was always the tallest girl in my class until about 10th grade.

4. Do you like shorter guys?
I enjoy shorter guys just as much as I do someone my height or taller. Almost all my exes are shorter than me. I love a guy, who loves a taller woman.

5. What do you do outside of work?
I try to lay out in the sun a little bit and go out for dinner and drinks. I love shopping! I also love to hike, and travel. Anything outdoors will put a smile on my face. I am a water baby and absolutely love being in the sun. I am my happiest outdoors!

6. Do you have any boundaries?
Nothing comes to mind when being asked about boundaries. If you are respecting me in our time together, there will be no problems. I have never had a problem. Everything runs smoothly. If you are skeptical about something in our time together, it is best to just ask first if you are not sure. A girl will always appreciate that! I am great fun to be around and easy going.

7. Do you spend time with couples?
I am attracted to both men and women! I think having two people to be with instead of one can be much more fun. Couples seem to love me as much as I love them.


8. Do you give out your number?
I do. I give out my number to clients who are frequent bookers. It is easier for them to text me and find out my schedule and availability for the next time they want to book. I do text them almost every day and we do talk over the phone. I correspond regularly with several clients.

9. Would you ever date a client?
I am incredibly open minded so I am not going to answer this question with a no. Anything can happen. For me to date a client they would have to come back and see me often. I would want to build a solid relationship before taking the next step. A lot of communication would have to happen between the two of us as well.


10. Where do you want to go for an outdate?
I think that a simple dinner and movie is romantic and a great way to get to know each other. I am a great listener and love to learn about my clients. For an all-day outdate my first option would have to be jet skiing! I love being in the sun and the water. Anything outdoors is a plus for me. Hiking is also another option. I have a small party side, so wine tasting sounds enjoyable, or even club hopping! (If you can keep up with me lol!) I'm a lot of fun on an outdate, and you will see a whole new adventurous Tiara who loves to have a great time.

11. Are your boobs real?
The famous and most asked question! The answer is YES! To some people they look fake. I take that as a compliment! I think my boobs are one of my best features. They are truly the perfect shape and size and sit perfectly. I get compliments on my breasts almost every day.


12. What is the best time with someone you have ever had and why?
I have enjoyed all my time with everyone so far! I have not experienced a bad moment yet, and I hope not too! My ideal best date would start out with an outdate. Getting to know you first over a simple dinner and a glass of wine sounds perfect! I love getting to know you first! Getting comfortable with each other makes our time together that much more special!

13. What are some words that would describe you?
The words that come to my mind first would have to be friendly, adventurous, cheerful, energetic, hard-working, and playful. I can come off shy at first, but I warm up fast.


14. What do your tattoos mean?
The independent tattoo on my stomach simply means what it says. I have always been super independent my whole life. My mother said she saw signs of it when I was at a young age. I always wanted to do things on my own and figure it out by myself. The small dragon fly on my toe was a very random and unexpected! Out on the town in Vegas one night, my mother and I decided to get matching tattoos! She has always been a dragon fly lover. We might have had one too many drinks that night!

15. Do you smoke?
No, I do not. But feel free to!

16. Were you, or are you, a model?
While growing up I did small fashion shows in my hometown for a local boutique. I have also been in Portland Oregon Exotic Magazine a few times. I am on the cover of Glamor Girl Magazine and also have a spread in Augusts 2017 issue. I was also the 2018, Hustler, Beaver of the Year!!

17. What if I cannot afford to spend time with you?
If you are on a budget that is okay. I understand not everybody can pay my price. I will gladly work with you budget. We have options, we will make something work.

18. Are you really bi or is that acting for the party?
 I love women. I think it is awesome when a guy can bring his significant other in with him to the party, vice versa. Women are always welcome with me! I guarantee we will have an amazing time!


19. Is there a dress code?
You can dress as you like. I do love a clean client.






20. Do you offer discount to military?
Yes, I do! Please do not be afraid to ask!


21. Do you travel?
Not as much as I would like too! I just got my passport, so I plan to travel more soon. My first time out of the U.S. was in Toronto! Canada is so beautiful; I want to go back. I think the next place I want to fly too is Paris.

22. What is your favorite food?
I am not a picky eater at all! But seafood is on the very top of my list. I'm a huge lobster fan!


23. What is your shoe size?
It depends on the shoe. I fit into sizes 10 and 11 in women. Size 11 is more preferred if I am wearing heels.


24. What is your ethnicity?
As far as I know I am Irish and Native American!

25. Ever think of dying your hair different?
Nope, I do not.

26. Do you have someone helping you respond to emails and organize appointments?
I do everything by myself. Emails, and social media is all done by me. It can be hard to keep up with work and social media, but I manage to do simply fine. I love to stay busy.

27. How far in advance should I book?
You may book as far in advance as you would like. 

28. Do you have an Amazon Wishlist? 

Yes I do! It is right here!! 

29. As a child what did you see yourself growing up as?
This might sound weird, but I wanted to train whales. But now that I'm older I hate the whole sea world thing; I think all the animals should be free and not forced to do tricks for treats.


30. What is your favorite flower?

31. Do you have a favorite style of panties?
I really love thongs and G-strings, anything tiny!


32. What is the best reason to spend time with you?
You will be guaranteed to get the exact experience you want, when you're with me. I put the extra effort into making better then what you asked for. I genuinely enjoy my time with my clients, and they notice that!


33. Favorite guilty pleasure?
Junk food!! I love Chocolates! ;) 

34. What do you like in a guy? 

Humor, cleanliness, kindness, creativity and honesty.  I love meeting someone that is as playful as I am. 

35. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?
I would save most all of it! I am a huge money saver, it’s very important to me. I would give some to a charity and local animal shelter. I would also spend a little on myself. You must treat yourself sometimes.


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