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Please take a few moments and carefully read the information below. If your email is incomplete, it will be ignored and deleted. Taking these few extra steps will make our time together so much more enjoyable. Thank you :)

Contacting Me
  When contacting me, please remember that first impressions are everything. I expect a well thought out, constructed message. 
Please include:
     *What date works best
     *What time of the day works best 
     *How long you would like to see me
     *Any other information you feel I would need to know
     *And some amazing things about you! :)
Please do not make any mention of anything explicit in your message to me. I reply quickly to my emails, but I can get busy, so please allow up to 24-48 hours for a replay back.

 Please call the Bunny Ranch at 1(775)246-9901. They will handle the deposit. If you choose to wait to pay the deposit, then our scheduled time is still up in the air and can be taken by someone else. So please don't wait.

 While I don't have a dress code, I want you to be clean. On the day of our date, I expect you will have taken a shower, brushed your teeth, and have put on deodorant. This will make our time together more enjoyable. If  you appear to be under the influence, the date is off, and there will be no refund. I will be looking and acting my best for you, so I expect the same respect given back to me. 

If you choose to cancel our date, what we do with the deposit will be discussed. On the rare occasion that I need to cancel, 100% can be returned to you, or you can use it for a future date with me. 

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